Shihan/Sensei (Teacher) Roy Miller III

Sensei Miller holds the rank of Hachidan 8th Dan, 8th Degree Black Belt and Weapons Instructor. He also holds the rank of Shodan 1st Dan in Jujitsu. He has a Shidoshi Sho belt in Shin Nagare Karate and is an instructor of Aikido under the Missouri Aikido Association.

He has been studying Martial Arts for over 25 years and has gone to National Tournaments during 1991 – 1993.

Sensei was recognized for his weapon of Sai’s by Great Plains in January of 1994, and mentioned in S.K.I. (Sports Karate International).

Aside from running his own school, Mr. Miller also helps teach Martial Arts at the Salina Y.M.C.A. and is also the creator of the Great Plains Karate Challenge, hosting it annually.

On May 7th 2005, Sensei Miller was acknowledged for his outstanding contribution to the martial arts and was inducted into the Musahdo Warriors of the Truth Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

While Mr. Miller has achieved much in the Martial Arts community, he is constantly learning new techniques and humbly admits that he still has much to learn as he progresses his knowledge of the Arts.

“When I was just a teen, I thought Karate was only for someone that was gifted or good with their legs. Years later, when I was about 23, and my life was in a downhill slump, my uncle introduced me to a Philipino Karate Instructor. Since I had nothing Better to do, I started learning Karate.

“Seven years later on July 1991, I earned my black belt. I also received two years of weapons training. When my karate instructor received an injury to his back and could no longer instruct me, I took over the dojo. Here I was at a dead end with a basic black belt. I wanted to go further and advance my knowledge, but I needed a new instructor. So, I started competing around the state hoping that I would meet an individual that was very good at shotokan, and I did. He was the best that I had seen so far. I introduced myself and told him a little about me and he decided to look over my work. Since that time Sensei Mark Long has been my Sensei. Through him I have learned a lot about the art of karate as well as about myself.”

“In February 2012, I earned my Shichidan (7th dan). I still have a lot to learn and intend to keep expanding my knowledge and growth. In so doing I will be able to help my students achieve the miracle of expanding their knowledge and growth.”

On June 13th, 2015, Sensei Miller was inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts “Hall of Fame” in the category of “Shotokan Master of the Year”.


Sensei Roy Miller Jr.

♦Sensei Roy Miller Jr.
Godan 5th Dan

These questions were put to me.

What has Karate done for you?
What do you see in Karate?

It sort of makes a person stop and think about the choices in life that are made. Karate has and is being very beneficial to me in more ways than one. Due to the exercise and the techniques, it has helped me with the flexibility needed to stave off arthritis and stiffness in the joints. It has helped me to be more confident and combat my shyness. Taught me self defense and awareness of situations. I am looking forward to many more years of practicing and doing Karate. It builds a good mental attitude, potential and capabilities. Keeps you mentally alert and is good for the body.

Mr. Chris Grant

♦Mr. Chris Grant
Yodan 4th Dan

I started Karate when I was 8 years old and received my first Black Belt right after turning 12. Martial Arts has helped me build my self esteem and self confidence, in school and every day life. Karate has been a good way to escape from everyday problems and stress.