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The Best Twitter App for iOS The Sweet Setup

BEST APPS COURSES BLOGOK, so you already on Twitter; basically everyone is. Possibly more than once. But the perennial question is, what client should you use on your iOS device There are several good options, but is the best.

Tweetbot 5 is full of features, looks great on iPhones and iPads, and brings a level of power and finesse to Twitter that other clients can match.

Setup ConfigurationOn first launch, Tweetbot will ask to use any Twitter accounts that have been entered in Settings on the device. Additional accounts are easily added by tapping the + button on the account screen.

Notifications can be set up and configured on a per account basis. Tweetbot can alert you to mentions (from everyone or just those you follow) and direct messages. Due to new Twitter API limitations, these notifications can be delayed by several minutes.

Like Tweetbot for Mac, the iOS app can use several coque iphone 5 noeud papillon different services to share things like photos, videos, and links.

User InterfaceTweetbot 5 is a modern iOS app through and through. It uses Apple San Francisco font face (Avenir can be swapped in), bright colors, coque iphone 4s teo jasmin white space, and blur to fit the kase coque iphone 5c in right at home.

Tweetbot includes a beautiful dark mode, making it easier to use the app late at night or in the early morning. To enable it, coque iphone 5 primark swipe down with two fingers on coque iphone 5c je peux pas j’ai poney the screen; swipe up to turn the lights back on, so to speak. créer une coque iphone 5s Additionally, Tweetbot can select the theme for you based on display brightness. With Tweetbot 5, the newest dark theme takes advantage of the newer OLED displays that make the background blend into the edges of the phone.

The limited number of UI options from earlier versions of Tweetbot remain. You can change font size, whether to display usernames and/or full names, select sizes for image thumbnails, the shape of avatars, and coque iphone 7 8 if they should display verified badges or not.

As a new perk in Tweetbot 5, you coque iphone 5s cleveland cavaliers can choose to have media playback automatically. This applies to gifs and videos, but you can also turn this option coque samsung a10 off so that you have to tap media in order to play, and you can also choose for media to play automatically while connected to WiFi.

If your device supports 3D Touch, you can use it coque iphone 5 marie to peek and pop into user profiles, web pages, and more. Likewise, a 3D Touch on the app icon lets you jump straight to the search screen or the new tweet screen, with the option to do so and attach the last photo taken on coque iphone 6 plus the device.

Tweetbot 5’s most immediately noticeable feature are its new icon and new design. Tweetbot 5 adopts the same icon that debuted with Tweetbot 3 for the Mac. It has a coque iphone 5s ariana grande more polarizing, angry look than the Tweetbot 4 icon of old. Tweetbot 5’s actual design has also been updated to coque iphone 5s tfc better match the Mac version larger glyphs, new UI graphics, and other bits have been updated to make everything feel cohesive across platforms.

If you want to keep the old icon around, you can get it back by giving Tapbots a tip in the app settings. Tipping in the app opens up icons in the iconic Tweetbot blue, but you can also pick a dark gray version of the new and old icons.

Haptic feedback is coque iphone 5s d also included in these design tweaks. Tweetbot has always been an app full of design character. Tweetbot’s visual design initially resembled a robot, while audio bits had a mechanical feeling to them to round out the app’s full bodied character. With haptic feedback, that character has now exuded into touch and physical being. Very neat.

Composing a tweet is straightforward, but one nice addition with the latest version is GIPHY support. GIFS can be quickly inserted into tweets right in the new compose view, where GIPHY support is coque iphone 5c keen’v built right into the keyboard. Tap “GIF” just above the keyboard to bring up a search bar and select a GIF extra quickly.

Tweetbot timeline view may look simple, but there a lot of power under the hood.

Tapping a tweet unveils actions like reply, retweet or quote, favorite, and share from this view. (Long press on these coque iphone 5c et film protecteur items for hidden goodies.) Tapping the gear icon allows you to view details, RTs, favorites, or translate the tweet:

Swiping on a tweet will pull in any related tweets. It a great way to catch up on a conversation thread or view a bunch of replies all in one place.

The main view in the app can show more than just your timeline. On the iPad, the icons down the right side of the screen will switch the view between the Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages, Stats/Activity, Search, Favorites, your Profile, Lists, and Mute Filters.

(On the iPhone, some of these are stashed away in the last two controls across the bottom of the screen. coque iphone 6 cool Long press to change between them.)

With their coque iphone 5 ange devices in the landscape orientation, iPad users will see an extra column to the right of the main timeline view. This always visible right coque iphone xs hand pane that by tapping on the name at the top can be set to display: (a) coque personnalisees samsung your mentions stream; coque iphone 5se en bois or (b) one of your saved searches; (c) one of your Twitter lists.

Advanced FeaturesTweetbot checks all the boxes required to make a good Twitter client. It easy to read the timeline, check on replies, and dive into a conversation with just a tap or two. You can update your profile, edit your lists, and check on saved searches easily, as well.

Tweetbot includes a powerful mute filter. Muted users, hashtags, or phrases will simply vanish from your timeline. It smart, though: Tweetbot won mute your mentions or DMs if they contain muted language or are from a muted user.

To mute a hashtag, simply tap on it in your timeline. A menu will slide up from the bottom of the screen. Tap Mute, then the amount of time you want to mute the hashtag for. Trying to avoid news about a TV show A day may be long enough. Trying to avoid news about KanyeForPresident Go ahead and select users can be muted. If you view their profile, you can tap the gear icon and mute from there. Mute filters can be viewed and edited in its own view…